• Vision

    Create an ecosystem for healthcare professionals and patients to interact for a better tomorrow.

  • Business

    Technology adoption and business solutions for healthcare industry.

  • Mission

    Create Intuitive,Intelligent and Integrated software, for healthcare industry with patient care in mind.

  • Values

    With humbleness, great responsibility and love we create software for healthcare.

Simplex HIMES TM

Why we exist

The very fundamental reason why we exist is to make a difference in patient care. Day in and out we keep asking ourselves two questions.

Can we do any better to improve patient care? How can we improve the bottom line of our customers (Service providers)?.

Our investments, actions, efforts, innovation, and creativity, all goes towards answering these two vital questions. We are proud of the fact that our work plays a crucial role in saving lives.

We are a team of incredibly talented professionals who manage over 2 Million patients records and 200+ terabytes of data storage. It's expected to grow over 10Million and 600TB by 2020.

We will keep innovating!!!