Benefits of using Unified Hospital / Clinic Management System

When the Hospital or Clinic decide to role out Hospital or Clinic Management system, the objective is to connect the departments to one another and intent to cross cut the workload along with the cost of the organization and improve the patient care. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, a Study found that; In this Era, it reached to a point where the Hospital Information System has gained the ability to control the entire Hospital or Clinic chain linking all the resources (People and Machines) in a single platform for the management to make better decisions.

However today, not many systems have the capability to completely automate all the functional and business areas of healthcare institutions. Many healthcare facilities use multiple applications for different departments and most of those applications work independently. A fully comprehensive Hospital management system always preferred over having multiple management systems for a single hospital which helps the hospital to improve efficiency and reduces the time and provide superior care to the patients. And essentially All in one Hospital Information Systems making life easier for both patients and medical practitioners.

There are possibilities that the hospital/ Clinic may have to acquire software from multiple vendors to meet the objectives of different stakeholders but if they are not interconnected it can be too expensive in terms of efficiency. It also poses serious health care quality issue. There will be many duplicate data entry points, recreating multiple records for the same patients and the possibility of losing track of the patient health history.

Here comes the importance of Comprehensive Hospital Information System Software which links the patient, clinicians, administrative, and financial workflow and makes information sharing easier than ever before. Also has the capability to meet the interoperability needs of the facility so that there is a single record for a single patient in their entire facility.

Simple Himes is a leading healthcare solution provider serving locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait etc. aims to create an ecosystem for healthcare professionals and patients to interact for a better tomorrow.

Advantages of using Simplex Himes Hospital Information System

1. One Database, One Application – for any type of facility (Clinic, Hospital, Diagnostic centre)

2. Dynamic Model – We configure (not code) the product based on customer need.

3. Any DataBase, Any Operating System – Any server OS and any client OS.

4. Up to date – Keep up with the technology in the fast-growing technology world.

5. Natural Behavior – User-centric product

6. Proven – Years of experienced people joined together developed solution for the tomorrows needs.

7. Cost Effective – As Simplex Himes is a Comprehensive All in one Hospital Information System cutting down almost all the manual work performed in the hospital.

8. Increased Data Security – Simplex Himes hosted by its own dedicated data centre and complies with the industry specified data security.

9. Improved Patient care – The ability to integrate with different vendors and applications, makes the Simplex Himes unique and help deliver the patient quickly and effectively.

10. One Global Product – One product across the globe, so that we bring in innovation and new updates across all the installations, irrespective of any region.


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