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Clinic Management System

Simplex CMS

Clinic Management System

Simplex HIMES offers comprehensive Clinic Management System, allows chain of Clinics and Medical centers to operate smoothly and effectively with a simplified user interface. Simplex HIMES provides an unparalleled degree of client involvement in adapting the software to their needs. Simplex HIMES is completely modular letting customers to choose the modules that they want to start and scale up as they grow in business size. 

Benefits and Features

  • The system enables the clinics to better serve their patients through it’s paperless EHR, EMR, LIS, RIS and RCM.
  • Improved quality of patient care & increased nursing & doctor’s communication and productivity.
  • Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks.
  • Specialized EMR modules for all specialties like Gynecology, Pediatric, Cardiology, Dental, Ophthal, Derma, etc.
  • Simplex HIMES is delivered through private cloud dedicated for every client. 
  • Manage multi center facility with true multi tenancy option. Multiple groups, companies and branches all in one single application and login. Users can switch between company and branch easily.
  • Work with different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), iPhone and Android mobiles and tablets.
  • Completely automated  e-claim management system with eligibility check, e-prescription, e-statistics, e-prior approval, E&M coding, insurance card verification, claim scrubbing.
  • Built-in integration with Lab machines, PACS, SMS, Email, Call Center, RFID, KIOSK, Token System, EmiratesID and many more.
  • Supports web reporting systems, patient portals, online appointments, and registration.
  • Can be accessed through Mobile and Tablets.
  • Conformance to the standards like HL-7 standards, ICD 10 coding, CPT codes, Dicom Standards, etc.

System complies with DHA and HAAD regulation right from Ijada values, posting claims directly to DHA and HAAD gateways, Eligibility checks, automatic download of RA files, Prior authorization workflows, and the latest Malafi requirements.


Simplex HIMES offers regulatory compliance needed for CBAHI certifications in KSA. Along with CBAHI, HIMES offers service providers with an assurance to cover any mandatory compliance for HIS mandated by MOH.


Simplex HIMES HIS helps service providers get trouble free JCI certifications. Our HIS complies with international quality standards. We cover the MOH guidelines of all GCC countries.​


Simplex HIMES takes away the trouble of installation, maintenance, backup and DR to maintain a secure and stable healthcare software installation. Our team of cloud professionals manage our very own cloud infrastructure so that you just have to call one company for any of your requirement. We guarantee end to end application availability and functionality, so that you as service provider can concentrate on your business and taking care of your patients.

Truely a multitenant product where all your group, company and branches are hosted in a single application. Maintenance of master data, user configuration are centralized. Most importantly, one patient one record across countries, states and cities possible with Simplex HIMES. Avoid duplicate patient record and improve efficiency of your operations.

We keep all our customers softwares updated at all times. No customer is left behind. Latest version of Simplex HIMES sold by our team will be the software used by all our customers and that’s our promise. This helps us to make sure any fix that’s applied one build is applied to all and most of the issues in the software gets fixed without even they noticing it.

Simplex HIMES built in BI-Tool helps to create dashboards and reports on the go without depending on our development engineer. Get more insights on your data with the BI tool and make right decisions and right time without wasting any delay in waiting for vendor support. Data safety is our priority, and our tool allows user permissions to allow restricted users have access to critical reports and dashboards. 

Simplex HIMES has multilingual option where a user can switch between the language in most modules. We also use professional Arabic names to convert the patient name from Arabic to english and vice versa so that the regional centiments are not affected due to wrong pronunciation or spelling. HIMES also has other language pack. Do check with us if you are looking to use the application in your native language.